Ease of Referral

Referrals can be securely faxed or emailed to our offices. Our intake personnel is trained in the qualifications for our services and will immediately begin working on fulfillment of the order. We work with insurances to get approval and facilitate obtaining the proper documentation prior to initiating service. We also keep frequently used items on hand to ensure set up of equipment and supplies is not delayed. Feel free to contact us toll free:

Toll Free Phone: 1-844-401-7696
Toll Free Fax: 1-888-249-9806
Email: intake@bersinc.com

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Frequent Reporting

We are happy to report confirmation that services have been initiated, as well as communicate questions and concerns about a patient’s care directly to the physician office via provider communication forms and direct calls. Compliance reports will be sent whenever they are obtained so that therapy can be adjusted as indicated.

Compliance Monitoring

Breathe Easy offers CPAPs BiPAPs with modem monitoring technology and will report compliance data regularly to physicians. Our RTs will work with patients to overcome any issue that negatively impacts their treatment success. We offer mask fittings by trained RTs who will find the best fitting mask for the patient to ensure compliance with therapy. (Mask replacement is subject to current insurance coverage guidelines and current prescription.)

(Dr. R.; Physician)

Community Service

“I see what you are doing as a community service, not sales of a product”

(Dr. R.; Physician)
(Dr. D.; Physician)

State of the art

“If our hospital doesn’t offer this technology, we have no right to say we are state-of-the-art!”

(Dr. D.; Physician)